During the end of the year 2007, a new production plant of FKL/IKL s.r.o. started operations in the Slovak Republic having its headquarters in city of Skalica. An owner of this production unit is the British investor called FKL EU Ltd. from Manchester in Great Britain, which had bought a part of the former ZVL Skalica premises with intent to follow up the long-term tradition of ZVL/ZKL manufacturing and to renew it. You are certainly accustomed with information that the Skalica production plant had been manufacturing the superior bearings of P2 quality for aircraft industry.

The FKL EU Ltd. management decided to manufacture the bearings under the IKL brand. This year 2008, the production under the IKL brand will celebrate its 62nd year of founding. IKL originally started business as an aircraft manufacturer and went into production of high quality bearings in the fifties of the past century. It had continued with a production of bearings until the beginning of the recent century. Through the combination of the conservative British management, the application of strict Quality Management System, and the manufacturing following a long-term experience and tradition of one of the oldest bearing brands, our company would be able to offer you a high-quality product for a reasonable price.