The best thing about IKL Bearing is they practice what they preach. Superior products with exemplary services are what IKL offers to its customers whom they prefer to call business associates. And to give them the best they spend their quality time and manpower on intensive Research and Development activity that ensures everything from the finest of raw materials – cleanest, strongest steels and other metals, precision components and accessories as it spearheads new and improved Product development. Way forward towards the super emergence of the Industrial revolution in IKL dreams to be on the top with their new age strategy, advanced technology and state of the art distribution network. This network savvy generation believes in the soft touch points like “always on the move” facility with well distributed network, instant facility, enjoying complete cost of the products, updated market knowledge with high future prospect and flexible design geometry for each product.

To turn these demands into facilities IKL offers:

Accelerating and leveraging simplification / Offering high end operational experience / Ingenious internal framework of knowledge management whose mandate is continuous impetus for product and customer needs / Absolute product mastery for any heavy engineering requirement